Air Jordan 1 red hook and black toe shoes look good? Hurry up and learn how to wear and take a test for trendy people!

The new AJ1 black-toed red hook sneaker is a shoe that I have always liked, especially the color of the upper is full of youthful vitality and cool feeling, the upper is particularly handsome and eye-catching, with high recognition and clear orientation .

The sole and upper are made of jelly,Red And Black Jordan 1 which matches Goodyear's hand-made composite sole, strong and wear-resistant, and exquisite workmanship. The mixed material of the sole has good toughness, good wearing experience, non-slip wear-resistant, strong grip, suitable for different occasions.

The toe cap is hand-punched with high-quality top cowhide material.Mens Jordan 1 Shoes This hand-made car is made with a single needle, with clear routes and exquisite workmanship. The classic color design of the upper embellishes the brand recognition and luxury atmosphere. The wearing experience is very good.

The shoe mouth is made of sponge, the bottom is thick, and the top is high, which has a good heightening effect and is comfortable to wear. Oh, the inner lining has been strengthened, and the whole shoe is filled with air. These shoes are both beautiful and eye-catching.AJ1 Retro Factory Outlet This pair of jeans and a simple sweater are both handsome and explosive.

The "red hook and black toe" of Aj 1 is still based on the black toe of AJ 1. The colors are red, black and white. The shoes are generally black and white, and the design style is simple. I am a native of Putian. I have been in the sneaker fashion industry for six years. I love shoes and also like to play with shoes. Search the four words in your mobile chat software: One Putian and one field, a lot of dry goods are waiting for you! All celebrity trendy Jordan 1 shoes and football stars are available in the same style.

With the support of the red swoosh, the overall shape of the shoes is more vivid and lively.Cheap Air Jordan 1 Retro It is worth mentioning that the positions of the tongue and the insole have been designed with some details, so that the shoes can better reflect the emotions and ideas expressed by the designer.

The Aj 1 "Red Hook and Black Toe" is made of high-soft, high-quality top cowhide obliquely cut. At the same time, the white, black and red colors of the shoes are dyed to make the leather of the shoes look more beautiful. The soles and insoles of the shoes are made of high-strength sponge, so that people will have better elasticity when walking, reflecting a stronger sense of comfort.

The Air Jordan 1 shoe mouth is made of sponge, and the upper is treated with high-top, which has a good heightening effect. It is fashionable, handsome and unconventional. The color contrast treatment has a high degree of recognition. It shows the young vitality of men, mature and stable, and does not lose energy.

When matching,Jordan 1 Sneakers choose a pair of overalls and a camouflage uniform. This street feels explosive. It looks good and it matches well. Its unique aura is very provocative and suitable for different scenarios. This is a beautiful and explosive project.